Tide Turning

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Respect for the Earth and the natural landscape in which we live. Climate Change, coastal erosion and flooding, what impact is the lockdown having on the environment? During our T100 Calling event, we invited you to make a mandala using pebbles or shells on your daily walk and here are some of the results. Tide […]


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The theme of Germination explored found materials, celebrating forests and the essential role public green spaces have played throughout lockdown.  We encouraged everyone to walk in the local park, make a mandala and share them with us.  Materials suggested were leaves, seed pods or other things you might find on a forest floor. Germination Mandala, […]

Spring Clean

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Recycling, cleaning up our environment, collecting plastic from the Thames, the beaches and the foreshore. We invited you to recycle your used or unloved plastic into a beautiful mandala. What are the alternatives to plastic? If you’re feeling inspired to take action and help to clean up your local foreshore, find out more from Thames […]

Make Do and Mend

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Upcycling, turning broken things into beautiful objects. We invited you to carve out some time at home to create a space for yourself; reclaim an area in your home to get creative with ceramics, glass or other neglected items. Find out more about how to reduce waste and reuse items locally in Thurrock here:https://www.thurrock.gov.uk/reducing-waste/re-use-partnership-truphttps://www.freelywheely.com/freecycle/thurrock Browse […]

Imagination Our Nation

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Creativity, well-being and mindfulness can make dreams come true! We asked you to have fun and help us to think about what other materials we could use for mandalas by making your own, sharing with us the things that matter to you. Browse the other mandala galleries via the buttons below.[wp_show_posts id=”10811″] Imagination Our Nation […]

In Other People’s Shoes

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Wear someone else’s shoes for the day, what does it feel like? What happens when you are walking? We invited you to take a favourite pair of shoes and share stories with your family, reflecting on the journeys you and others have travelled on foot, then design a shoe mandala. So many shoes! Browse the […]


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Turning landfill into a community park, where insects and wildlife can thrive again. We invited you to make a mandala to create a natural habitat in your garden, or if you preferred, to respond to what renewal meant to you. If you would like to volunteer at Little Belhus Country Park, find out more HERE. […]

Grow Your Own

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Sustainable communities, grow your own vegetables and plants, foraging, live a healthy lifestyle. We invited you to make a mandala from local produce or things you have grown yourself. Plant seeds for the future and share your dreams for a world that is changing. We can make it better. Browse the other mandala galleries via […]

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