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The theme of Germination explored found materials, celebrating forests and the essential role public green spaces have played throughout lockdown.  We encouraged everyone to walk in the local park, make a mandala and share them with us.  Materials suggested were leaves, seed pods or other things you might find on a forest floor.

Germination Mandala, Langdon Hills Country Park

[rl_gallery id=”10650″] The Germination Mandala, one of our T100 Calling masterpieces, bringing the community together to create a conversation about reflection and rewilding.  This was created at Langdon Hills Country Park lead by artist Sally Chinea, to celebrate forests and the essential role public green spaces have played throughout lockdown. Thank you to artists Sally Chinea, Hazel Huber
Lead artist Sally Chinea talk to Ali Pretty about the inspiration behind the design.
Hear more about the materials that have been used to create this mandala at Langdon Hills Country Park.
[rl_gallery id=”10628″] [rl_gallery id=”10653″] Film and photos by Mike Johnston Aerial photography thanks to Unique Imaging

Germination Mandalas by Hazel Huber

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Germination Mandala by Susanna Wallis

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Germination Mandala by Jane in Devizes

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Germination Mandala by Sally Chinea

[rl_gallery id=”10667″] A Mandala made from smudge sticks by Sally Chinea

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